Learn Move on Sui in 5 chapters*

The code in this course can be compiled in ChainIDE

Move Castle & ChainIDE

Cultivating the next-gen developers for Move on Sui.

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    What is Move Castle?

    MoveCastle is an educational platform gamifying the learning experience for developers to master the Move programming language on Sui.

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    What is ChainIDE?

    ChainIDE, the world's first cloud-based multichain IDE. (ChainIDE Platform Registered User: over 192k, MAU: over 21k) . ChainIDE offers a Move language course integrated into an engaging Castle game, along with ChainIDE Lite for compiling and deploying.

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we will guide you through the process of building the foundation of your own castle world


In Chapter 1, we will journey into the Castle game design. The Castle game design goes beyond mere structures, it creates a dynamic ecosystem within the Sui network. We will start by understanding the core elements of Castle design, and then guide you through connecting to the Sui network.

Knowledge Points

  • Castle design and the Move on Sui ecosystem
  • Connecting to the Sui network
  • Understanding Sui project structure, package, module
  • Building, testing, and publishing projects


In Chapter 2, we will delve into the fundamental building blocks of Move language, equipping you with the essential knowledge required to construct the framework for your Castle game. This chapter focuses on basic knowledge of the Move language like types, control structures, operations, math, and functions, providing you with a solid foundation to create a thriving Castle game on the Sui network.

Knowledge Points

  • Primitive and custom data types and nested data structures
  • Control structures - conditionals and loops
  • Developing and managing functions
  • Handling randomization in the game


Chapter 3 delves into the core concept of Sui Objects, providing you with an in-depth understanding of how these objects function within the Move on Sui ecosystem. This chapter equips you with the knowledge to master the castle objects' creation, management, and ownership. We explore the basics of defining, creating, storing, and deleting objects, as well as the crucial aspects of object ownership.

Knowledge Points

  • Sui object basics
  • Object creation, storage, deletion
  • Object ownership, owned/shared objects


In Chapter 4, we will focus on completing your Castle project by adding some advanced features in Move on Sui. You'll learn about custom error handling and event emission. In the end, you will publish your Castle project and interact with the game.

Knowledge Points

  • Custom errors
  • How to emit events
  • Publishing the game contract


This chapter focuses on more advanced topics that go beyond the basics and delve into specialized. You'll explore the Capability Design Pattern, One Time Witness, Sponsored Transactions, and Sui Kiosk, gaining deeper insights into the Move on Sui ecosystem.

Knowledge Points

  • Capability Design Pattern
  • One Time Witness
  • Sponsored Transactions
  • Sui Kiosk